Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Berkeley Cheese Board

Berkeley is one of those iconic places on the California map.

Hotbed of student radicalism in the 1960s, of course, and home to a socialist brand of politics even today. They don't call it The People's Republic for nothing.

Now, this isn't a politics blog. So I won't opine here about workers rights or the nuclear freeze movement (the city is, naturally, a No-Nukes Zone).

But I do have an opinion about the Berkeley food scene: it's terrific. And at the center of it all is the Cheese Board, which is arguably one of the finest cheese shops in all the land.

The Cheese Board, like much of Berkeley, is a child of the Sixties, founded in 1967 as a small, worker-owned shop. Today, it's a sprawling emporium where you can choose between 3,400 varieties of cheese, plus amazing fresh bread, hearth-baked pizzas, and all manner of other extraordinary edibles.

In fact, the place long ago became a "Berkeley Institution", mentioned in all the guidebooks alongside People's Park and Sproul Plaza. And on the occasion of the Cheese Board's 40th anniversary, the Berkeley Daily Planet has a loving retrospective.

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