Friday, September 14, 2007

Pure Luck Dairy

Dripping Springs, Texas, is the Hill Country home of the Salt Lick, which is arguably the best-loved (if not actually "the best") barbecue joint in the greater Austin area.

It's a down-home place with picnic tables, occasional live country music, and bring-your-own beer (Shiner Bock is the preferred choice).

What does the Salt Lick have to do with cheese? Well, nothing. Except that besides barbecue, Dripping Springs is home to Pure Luck Dairy, makers of some mighty fine goat cheese.

Pure Luck is a completely farmstead operation -- their line of cheeses is produced entirely from the milk of a herd of cute goats wandering about their fields.

The dairy puts out a variety of types, from fresh Chevre (with a range of added herbs and spices) to the complex Sainte Maure, whose refined texture and subtle flavors will make you think immediately of the great goat cheeses of the Loire Valley, where the style originated.

Pure Luck also makes goat's milk Feta and a blue cheese, which can be hard to find unless you frequent the farmer's markets of Central Texas.

Click here for the Pure Luck Web site, which contains a touching history of the operation, along with ordering information.