Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Celebrity Cheese: Robin Gibb

There are (many) blogs that are devoted to celebrities. There are (a few) blogs that are devoted to cheese. But never has there been a blog that tackles the important subject of celebrities and cheeese.

Until now.

My friend JuJu gets a little bored with my stuffy sermons about this cheese variety or that one. She wants me to liven this joint up a bit.

But how? I wondered.

"From time to time," she told me, "you should write about celebrities who like cheese."

Thus inspired, I bring you the inaugural post about a celebrity who likes cheese. As luck would have it, our first Celebrity Cheesehead is himself a bit cheesy: Bee Gee Robin Gibb.

Apparently, Gibb requested some Feta on a tour of Bulgaria (the man has to make a living, and he can't exactly fill Wembley Stadium anymore).

According to the Sofia Echo, this is what the famous falsetto from Down Under wants to eat before his One Night Only show in Bulgaria on Oct. 25:

Before the concert Gibb wants fruits and cheese, including Bulgarian sheep cheese “because he had heard of it a lot from Bulgarians abroad.”

Click here for the full story.

And if you happen to be in Sofia tonight, go check out Gibb's show. You know he will play "Stayin' Alive." And you know you'll like it.

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Le Meems said...

Nothing could be better than Robin Gibb and some Cheese!